The Front Porch Piano Bar & Restaurant

The Front Porch Piano Bar & Restaurant has been an incredibly popular spot in Ogunquit for 35 years. They are open 7 days a week for dinner and also for lunch on the weekends.

Not only do they have an incredible and diverse menu but also a super fun and popular sing-along piano bar.

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Missed Connection

This past Friday, October 22nd, love was in the air...maybe.

In a last-ditch attempt to rekindle chemistry an unnamed individual took to Craigslist and the Missed Connections section to try to find a mystery blonde.

This blonde was at Front Porch with 6 other women described as wearing a camouflage shirt, having pretty eyes, and long blonde hair.

After 10 to 15 minutes sitting with the girl squad, they invited the Craigslist poster to join them.

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They said that they got caught up talking to the friends and missed out on what they really wanted, talking to the blonde.

The Craigslist poster ended with noting a perceived disappointment from the blonde that they didn't get to interact as anticipated.

So, do you know a "beautiful" blonde with "pretty eyes" wearing a camouflage shirt that was in Ogunquit last Friday? The ball is in their court to reach out and reconnect!

See the full Craigslist post here:

I was alone when you and about 6 of your female friends showed up and sat at the the table next to me in the corner. Before you sat down you turned and looked at me for a few seconds. We had a very nice glance at each other there. After about 10-15 minutes you invited me to sit at your table and I sat next to you. You were in a camouflage shirt with pretty eyes and long blonde hair. I got caught up talking to a couple of your friends and missed time talking to you. And I regret it…..deeply. You were sweet, funny and of course, beautiful. There is a lot I want to talk to you about and maybe explain to you how the events of that night played out and why they did. I said goodbye to you and could tell you were probably miffed with me. I have thought about you a lot since that night. I am hoping by some miracle you read this. If so, what was I wearing and what was the drink your table bought for me.

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