If you live in New Hampshire, chances are you have had a run-in with a wild animal at some point in your life. Maybe you spotted a moose munching out of your bird feeder in your backyard. Maybe a family of raccoons got into your garbage cans and had a field day.

However, I think we can all agree that a black bear moving into your house is a little too close for comfort!

According to Melissa Anne Kelley-Champney on Facebook, a black bear was stuck in her mudroom in Grafton, New Hampshire, over the weekend. According to ABC17news, Melissa and her husband have cats that come and go as they please through the porch. Sometimes the porch door is left open, and they believe that's how the big guy got in in the first place.

He wasn't a very considerate houseguest during his 45 minutes on their porch. He ate the walls and bit a hole through their doorknob. Feisty guy!

Melissa said the poor guy was panicked, and she could hear him panting! Every time he came close to the door that led into their house, she would yell in an attempt scare him away so he wouldn't come in. Imagine the madness that would ensue if he got through THAT door?!

Eventually, Melissa's husband had to climb out the window and open the door for Mr. Bear so he was able to exit the premises. "AND STAY OUT!" is what I would have shouted.

This is the kind of excitement one gets to experience when you live in the mountains of New Hampshire. Never a dull moment! I'm glad Melissa and her family are safe and no one got hurt.

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