With all this controversy surrounding modern pop songs ripping off older ones, I have now become even more sensitive to picking out similarities when I listen to the radio. I hear the influence of LOTS of older songs when I listen to modern pop music so I think this whole thing is just crazy. The new Ariana Grande song reminds me of another song and I'm curious if you agree. 

The first time I heard Ariana's new song "One Last Time," I immediately heard the beat from another pop song that came out a few years ago, "Take Care" by Drake and Rihanna. I've honestly been wondering why no one else has caught this. I might be opening a can of worms here but hey, it seems to be the hot topic these days. Listen to both songs and tell me if you hear it, too.

Here is Ariana Grande's song "One Last Time:"

Here is the Drake f/ Rihanna song, "Take Care:"

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