It won't be much longer before Christmas cards start showing up in your mailbox. The Christmas card business is a big one, with some of the biggest card companies raking in millions as people send well wishes for the holidays. But in Lewiston, one artist wants to make the Christmas cards people send feel more local, and he's doing hand-drawing local landmarks on each individual card.

Facebook via Nancy Bazinet St. Pierre
Facebook via Nancy Bazinet St. Pierre

His name is Ron Bosse, and he's selling his collection of localized Lewiston Christmas cards at the Viktor News in location in downtown Lewiston. The drawings feature more than a dozen "landmarks" native to Lewiston and Auburn, including the Kora Temple, the Auburn waterfall, Rolly's Diner and the popular dive-bar known as the Blue Goose. Some of the local selections were shared on Facebook by Nancy Bazinet St. Pierre.

The cards come at a respectable and competitive price (just $3.99) and offer a chance for those that still live in Lewiston to celebrate the holidays by displaying some of their favorite local places. It also serves as a reminder to those who have moved away that some of the more memorable spots in Lewiston/Auburn are still around and can be visited on a trip back home.

We happen to think this is an incredible idea and would love to see other artists do this same thing for more Maine cities and towns. What do you think?

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