When a North Deer Isle woman went out walking Tuesday morning like she does every other day, the last thing she expected to see was a new ATM set up in the woods.

"This does not look right," she thought - and put Detective Steve McFarland on the case, according to Bangor Daily News.

In one of the most bizarre found-property cases he's seen in his 30 years on the force, McFarland wondered why the machine was in such good condition. "It was set up like a hunter might need quick cash for a cup of coffee in the middle of the woods,” McFarland said.

This isn't the first discarded ATM he's seen, but in other cases the culprit responsible had clearly pried it open for money. “Usually they are just thrown out into the woods, ripped open and smashed to pieces,” McFarland told Bangor Daily News. “If you wanted cash out of it, you certainly would have ripped it open.”

The situation became a bit clearer when McFarland plugged the ATM in and it wouldn't turn on. “I am thinking it was discontinued from service and somebody wanted to get rid of it and thought it would be a good joke,” McFarland said.

He's willing to go along with the humor to a point and dismiss charges of littering if the practical joker will retrieve the machine and dispose of it more appropriately. He urges the comedian to give him a call at 207-667-7575.

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