Augusta is considering cracking down on non-residents using recycling containers in the city, whether or not the items they're depositing are recyclable. City councilors are contemplating a proposal to institute a $500 fine for anyone depositing materials who do not live within city limits.

According to the Kennebec Journal, City Manager William Bridgeo said that despite there being signs restricting use of the recycle drop-offs to Augusta residents, there has been evidence of out-of-towners (such as people who work in the city and live elsewhere) leaving items there, recyclable and otherwise.

“I want it to be very clear, and a $500 fine,” Wilson said.

Meanwhile, people online are venting about the considered fine. Some argue that the reason the bins are at capacity is not from non-residents using them:

Others argue the fine will only result in out-of-towners dumping elsewhere:  

On the flip side, plenty of people are arguing that the fine is a good idea to force small nearby towns to take control of their own recycling:

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