The Flagpole of Freedom Park was a big project that was canceled in early February. Now, the State of Maine is proposing to fine the company $250,000.

Worcester Resources is the company that owns Worcester Wreath Company in Columbia Falls, Maine, and also handles Wreaths Across America.  The Flagpole of Freedom Park was going to take 10 years to build, and would honor around 24 million veterans who have passed. The center of the park would be the world's tallest flagpole on a hill that put the top of the pole at 1776 feet in honor of our nation's independence.

According to News Center Maine, the state had plans to fine Worcester Resources $250,000 for building approximately 45 cabins, a restaurant, roads, and parking areas north of Columbia Falls. The problem is that they never bothered to get the required permits to build those cabins. Perhaps this may have contributed or been the exclusive reason that Worcester Resources canceled this massive undertaking.

Apparently, this isn't the first time the company has been fined for environmental violations. Seems they didn't learn their lesson the first time when they paid $5,000 for not getting a permit. This time, it could cost them 50 times more at $250,000.

I have the feeling that while well-intentioned, not many Mainers were in favor of building this massive memorial in an area of Maine where 2,500 acres would be developed and turned into a park with a flag pole taller than the Empire State Building. It would just seem like it's out of place to me.

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