What started as a casual hobby of crafting beer from the garage in his home has turned in to a successful brewery business with a second location now in the works.

Jake Austin loved to brew beer from his garage on Austin Street in Westbrook. The more beer he brewed the better the quality and taste got. After a few years his friend Will Fisher convinced Jake to share his perfected beer with more people and Austin Street Home Brewery was born. They would later drop "Home" from the name.

Jake and Will have enjoyed success at their 1 Industrial Way in Portland location and apparently so have the beer drinkers.

Plans have been announced for opening a second brewery in the East Bayside area. In fact it will be in the same building as Rising Tide on Fox Street.

The new location is almost 9,000 square feet and will have a 2,000 square foot larger tasting room and outdoor area for the warm months.

There is no word yet on the grand opening.


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