Don't just throw that bank statement in the trash...shred it!


Identity theft is huge! Part of protecting yourself includes not just throwing in the trash important papers you no longer need. The shredding event Saturday is being held by the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary.

For every box of items you bring to shred, they are asking for a 10 dollar donation. That money will help areas that the Rotary donates money and time to including literacy projects and student assistance, blood-drives, Alzehimer and Autism awareness, the Humane Society, food and clothing collections for local families and shelters, donations for disaster victims, polio eradication, fire prevention safety, senior citizens, veterans, scholarships and grants to local non-profits and more!


What could you possibly bring to shred? So many things! Old tax returns,  bank statements, pay stubs, health records...anything that has confidential stuff like your social security numbers, financial records, signatures, passwords, or even client information.

The shredding will be done professionally by the Records Management Center & Shredding on site. So grab a box and 10 bucks and head to F. Murphy Homes on Center Street in Auburn Saturday, October 23 from 9 am-noon. Get rid of those papers and help out a lot of people.

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