Honestly, this was a scene straight out of a movie.


Ice and being at the right place at the right time stopped a robber.

According to the Portland Press Herald, 37 year old Jason Mackenrodt robbed the Bangor Savings at gunpoint and ran across four lanes of traffic on Main Street. He ran into the parking lot of Ming Lee restaurant. That's where the ice comes in. He slipped on the ice, fell down and money and the gun he used fell out of his pockets...right in front of a Maine State Police lieutenant.

Lieutenant, Glenn Lang was in his car and watched this scene as money started flying in the wind. He's no dummy and got out tackling the guy just as police were responding to the robbery.

Pure luck that he was there, that the bad guy slipped and that the busy parking lot was now filled with people catching money that was flying everywhere.

Mackenrodt now has a court date and the gun he had turned out to be a BB gun.

Maine winters 1 - bad guys 0


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