As difficult as it may be to imagine this week, summer is on its way and rooftops will be up and running before you know it. Bayside Bowl, the popular bowling alley and bar in the up-and-coming Bayside neighborhood of Portland, is starting us out strong with a pop-up market on the rooftop on Monday, the 6th of May! Between Suga Suga, Mill Cove Baking Co., Slice Of Heaven-ME, Resurgam Hot Sauce, Mama Mo's and Plant Monsters, the roof will be covered with pop-up shops you won't want to miss, along with that much needed sunshine straight from the source.

Just imagine the sheer joy of wandering around the tall roof overlooking Portland, browsing between vendors, sipping your beer, maybe playing a game of bowling after with that sweet sweet first sunburn of the year? I'm... I'm actually drooling. The rain date is the following Monday, 5/13, but let's not talk about rain. Our Bean boots are still dripping by the door. Just imagine the sun, the beer, and the rooftop vendors. That's right... your happy place. Details below at the facebook event page!

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