For the past month windows in areas of Portland have been broken and police are on the lookout for who is responsible.

Portland Police say from February 7 to March 29 several windows in the Deering Center and Deering Highlands areas of Portland have been broken. More than 20 vehicles have been targeted as well as several home windows.

Police have determined that a BB or pellet gun is being used by someone or several people and they are hoping the public can help them find those responsible.

Targeted streets in Portland include Stevens Avenue, Brentwood Street, Freeman Street, Lawn Avenue, Hartley Street, Concord Street, Clinton Street, James Street, Deering Avenue, Ashmont Street, Lincoln Street, Elizabeth Road, North Street and Canco Road.


If you live in any of those areas, or anywhere in Portland for that matter, keep a look out for anything that might be suspicious. If you see something, no matter how insignificant, let the Portland Police Department know by calling 874-8575. If it's an emergency be sure to call 911.






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