, a bulk candy wholesaler and retailer, looked at 10 years of sales and figured out the best selling Halloween candy in every state.


Now, this is NOT the most popular candy in each state, but the frequency a candy was purchased at by a specific state.

For's Sour Patch Kids.


Here's the breakdown:

Candy Corn: Idaho, New Mexico, Michigan, Alabama, South Carolina, Rhode island
Reese’s Cups: Oregon, Iowa, Wyoming, Kansas
M&M’s: California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania
Snickers: Arizona, Oklahoma, Virginia, New Hampshire
Milky Way: Vermont, Colorado, Missouri, Maryland, Mississippi
Three Musketeers: Alabama
Tootsie Pops – Washington, Minnesota, Kentucky, Tennessee
Starbursts: Wisconsin, Texas, South Dakota
Hershey Kisses: Utah
Hot Tamales: North Dakota, Indiana
Sour Patch Kids: Maine, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nebraska
Life Savers: Delaware
Jolly Ranchers: Utah, Arkansas
Lemonheads: Louisiana
Double Bubble Gum: Montana
Skittles: New Jersey, Florida, Hawaii
Swedish Fish: Georgia
Blow Pops: Ohio, West Virginia
Twix: Alaska
Almond Joy: Connecticut


I know that this can be overwhelming with the candy and the kids and the running around. You're gonna need an adult beverage and an adult time out. Be sure to hit up our Spirit of Halloween Bash at the Expo on Saturday October 28th! We're talking you gotta be 21, cash prizes for the best costumes and of course alcohol!!





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