Megan and Mike Boucher from Shapleigh had twins, Marlowe and Odin. Both have sadly passed from NKH.

NKH is Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia, and it causes defects in the enzyme system that breaks down the body's tissue and fluids.

First Miss Marlowe sadly passed, then they lost Odin just a short two weeks later.

Then the world came to a screeching halt with COVID-19. Vacationland V Twin Cruisers has organized a Bike Show (with first place prizes) and a 75 mile scenic bike run for June 13th! All proceeds will go to help Mike and Megan cover medical expenses. Mike is part of the Mercy Hospital family proudly serving his community and his country in the US Army.  Megan has dedicated her career to childcare and have plans to start her own day care facility.

V Twin Cruisers
V Twin Cruisers


It's hopefully going to be a great day to be on a bike, and socially distance all for a great cause.



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