Coming up on August 22nd, there is a ride to help out kids who could use a little good news.

Great news! Being on a motorcycle is the perfect way to see Maine, help a great cause and social distance.

The Hooligan Riders Trademark have a ride coming up on August 22nd. They are a non profit organization with an amazing mission to provide, positive support for children and their families.

They support any child affected by physical, mental or substance abuse, bullying,neglect or childhood illness to inspire hope and lasting change in children's lives. That's what makes this ride so important.

Hooligan Rider Trademark Facebook
Hooligan Rider Trademark Facebook

These guys are generous and sincere in their mission. We had them help out our Cans for a Cure 'Bikers for Boobies'.

I love them and want to help in anyway make their ride in August a success. So, if you've got a bike, please join them on Saturday August 22nd!



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