Adam Levine Cheating Scandal

For the last few weeks on the internet and especially social media, one of the biggest topics has been the rumor that not only did the frontman for Maroon 5, Adam Levine, cheat on his wife his pregnant wife, Behati Prinsloo, but he may have gone as far to ask his mistress (or, at least one of them) if he and Behati could name their baby after her.

Honestly, that seems a little farfetched to believe. I mean, there are plenty of documented times where men have done some stupid, STUPID things behind their significant other's back (and vice versa -- gotta call a spade a spade.) But to ask the woman you supposedly cheated on your wife with if your expected baby can be named after your mistress?

...well, I was about to say no one can be that dumb, but as a betting man (never met a casino or lottery ticket I didn't like), I'd put my life savings that something that dumb has happened before.

Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo Host CALIROSA Tequila's LA Launch Party
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Binga's Famous Sign

For years, Mainers and even people from away have thrived on seeing what Binga's in Windham will put on their sign next. Because while there are millions of businesses across the country that have a stereotypical business sign with some generic, bland message -- Binga's goes above and beyond with their sign and actually makes it entertaining.

Whether they're enabling you to eat that cookie...

...comically reminding you to STFU when it comes to thinking you know their business better than they do...

...or just being outside the box hilarious...

...Binga's is legit a hotspot not just for some of the best wings and food in Southern Maine (and the entire state overall, really), but also strictly because of their sign. But their latest sign they posted up yesterday? Absolute Grand Slam/first-round knockout punch, and better than any Adam Levine meme that's floating around social media right now.

Binga's 1, Adam Levine 0.

Now who is going to hop on Adam Levine's Wikipedia page and change it to "Died: October 6, 2022 after being murdered by Binga's in Windham, Maine" because I'm not doing it. But someone probably should.

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