COVID Continues

2022 will begin the 3rd year of living in a global pandemic. While great strides have been made as far as getting life back to "normal", the spread of the latest variant, Omicron, and many states reporting record-high numbers, new rules are being put in place.

One area that is leaning into new mandates is Boston, Massachusetts.


January Changes

If you're planning a trip down to Boston in 2022, some big changes are starting beginning on January 15th. If you're not vaccinated, you might want to stay home. If you are, bring your vaccination card.

The B Together Policy

Starting on January 15th those that visit indoor dining establishments, bars, and nightclubs will need to show proof of vaccination. Employees will need to be vaccinated as well according to the City of Boston.

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This will be rolled out in phases, however. January 15th applies to those ages 12 and up and will only need proof of the first dose. One month later on February 15th, proof of full vaccination will be required. As of March 1st Children from ages 5 to 11 will need proof of the first dose, and by May 1st they will need to show proof of full vaccination.

More than Restaurants

This new rule applies to much more than local eateries and bars. This also applies to indoor fitness centers, dance studios, yoga centers, boxing gyms, sports arenas, bowling alleys, museums, concerts, movie theaters, performing arts theaters, museums, art galleries, commercial events, party venues, and more. The full list can be found here.

Acceptable Proof

To gain entrance to all of these places you will need to show your official CDC vaccination card or a digital image of that card. The City of Boston has an app that will allow you to upload a copy for easy access.

Quincy Market Reopens
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Mask Mandate

It is also worth noting that Boston's mask mandate is unchanged and still in effect for all indoor public spaces.

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