The Boston Red Sox have announced a special night at Fenway Park for field hockey players in New England.

The Red Sox will have their first ever “Field Hockey Night” at Fenway on Thursday, September 5 as they take on the Minnesota Twins. Discounted tickets for field hockey players are on sale now. Seating is limited to the bleachers, grandstands or right field upper box. There will likely be some special events going on that night as well to welcome field hockey Sox fans to the ballpark.

Ticket prices range from $26 to $46 and are on sale through August 29 or until the sell out, so you better grab your tickets now while they last! There's a special link you need these special Field Hockey Night tickets which we've provided for you below, Just hit the button and grab them.

Now if only the Red Sox weren't so far behind in the standings. But hey, seeing any game at Fenway Park is a night you won't soon forget.



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