Many folks in Portland were shocked and saddened by the news this morning that Brian Boru, the beloved Irish tavern that has been a staple of the city for over twenty five years, will close for good on Monday. But in typical Brou fashion, they're throwing one last huge party to say farewell.

In a Facebook event page created by Pub House Productions, a party has been set for this Sunday from 3pm to midnight.

What can we say? We're at a loss for words...

Brian Boru has meant so much to us over the last two years. Such an incredible community has been created in that red building and just the idea that it's closing is almost too much for us to comprehend.

Once we have more info we'll be sure to share it. The plan for now? Let's celebrate the good times and the wonderful community that's been built there by having one final porch party!

Seriously though, mind blown.

We'll post more information soon. We hope to see you all on Sunday.

XOXO ~ Maryssa, Dana, and the whole PH team.


Sounds like a good time! Will you be there?

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