Remember that feeling of waking up before your parents, scurrying down the stairs, pouring a precariously full bowl of sugary cereal and settling in for some Saturday morning cartoons? Magically delicious, right?

Now, you can bring back that feeling (or do your best attempt to) with the new Saturday Morning beer from Smartmouth Brewing Co. out of Virginia, according to Esquire. Watch the video below from Smartmouth's instagram for a summary of the beer-making process.

The beer hits the shelves this Saturday at noon in Norfolk, Virginia, and here's hoping it catches on enough to make its way north. Toasted marshmallows and cereal marshmallows (that's right, the ones you used to pick out of your bowl before settling for the actually cereal pieces) are both actually used in the brewing process to achieve that throwback-to-Saturday-morning taste. Smartmouth Brewing Co. borrowed more than marshmallow inspo from Lucky Charms; the new IPA's slogan is "Magically Ridiculous". They know exactly how bizarro this beer idea actually is.

Millenials may catch some flack for our 90s nostalgia, but please. Smartmouth is hosting beer release events with board games, a comic-book stand, and a Super Smash Bros. Tournament. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right. Can we move to Virginia STAT?



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