Fat Boy, one of the last drive-in places in America is for sale!



According to the Press Herald:

A listing for a restaurant on the website of Magnusson brokers doesn’t mention Fat Boy by name, but does describe a Cumberland County business going for $1.15 million as a “popular turn key” seasonal fast food establishment that is “Known to thousands around the world for its nostalgic business flavor.” The reason for the sale was listed as retirement.


The owners, Jeanne and Ken Burton have been running Fat Boy since the 80's, but it's been around since 1955 right next to the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. When they put up on Facebook that they were closing after Labor Day, it seemed like the usual closing of the season. Not closing forever!

According to the article they've had some ups and downs and had a hard time finding help.

I don't know when Spring will start - as the opening of Fat Boy was not only the unofficial start to the season, but a right of passage as a Mainer. I only hope that the new owners will keep the tradition going....

Wanna buy it?

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