You may have noticed this year that mice have been a big problem for people in Maine with many people saying they haven't had a mouse problem in their homes and RVs like this in years if ever.

Setting your traditional mouse trap will work, but you can only catch one at a time. If you're the type of person to use a Have a Heart trap, those are effective too, but again have a limit to how many you can catch before you need to reset it.

With the mouse population booming much like the squirrels, it's a challenge to get them  them under control.

There's one trap which has the potential to catch mice by the dozen, but does it work? I decided to find out.

In my camper, I can catch a mouse every single night in a trap and they never go away. Before I close up for the winter, I want to catch as many as I can to minimize the amount that will take up residence in my camper. They've already been into everything over the summer and I've had enough.

Warning. This trap is not for those that are looking for a more humane way to catch mice. You'll want to find another method to rid yourself of mice, and to you I say, good luck. Several people have sworn by this.

You'll need a 5 gallon bucket, a dowel and some wood to use as a ramp for the mice. Drill holes in the bucket to secure the dowel. We just used screws. The important part is to make sure the dowel will spin freely.

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Fill the bucket halfway with water. And anti-freeze if you want to do this in your camper over the winter. Place the bucket somewhere outside where mice may enter your home or somewhere inside.

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The mice will crawl up the ramps and onto the dowel to get the peanut butter and if all goes well, spin themselves off the dowel into the water to drown. If drowning isn't your thing, don't put any water in and you can relocate them, preferably far away from you.

I set mine up under the tongue of my camper where I think they are entering, but it looks like other animals like squirrels or chipmunks got the peanut butter without falling in. I've moved it inside the camper for the week and I'll find out of it works when I return next weekend.

Check back here next week for an update to see what happened.