The day after Thanksgiving is usually reserved for resting ans all the food you've eaten the day before it still digesting in your expanded belly. But that won't stop you from grabbing a piece of pie for breakfast..(won't stop me anyway)

Instead of being a big ol blob on the couch searching through Amazon for bigger pants, why not get active and burn off a few calories with the Tour de Portland Turkey Burn bicycle ride?

Family riding bikes together
Polka Dot Images

CycleMania and the Greater Portland chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association (Greater Portland NEMBA) invite you to join them for a bicycle ride around Portland.

The bike rides will be about 16-20 miles around the city and CycleMania will even tune up your bike before the ride. They ask that you arrive at CycleMania, 65 Cove Street in Portland at 9:30am for a 10am departure. After the ride enjoy some food and drinks.

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