A Buxton resident recently received an envelope in the mail containing a DVD with no return address other than the words "A Friend." The DVD had a message written on it in Sharpie that read "Please watch, copy and share with friends." Luckily, the recipient didn't follow the directions and shared the package and its contents with the Buxton Police Department.

The younger, more tech-savvy generation, will quickly spot this as a scam, especially since many haven't used physical media like floppy disks, CDs or DVDs in their computers for some time now. The laptop I am writing this article on right now has no disc drive and computers typically don't come with them standard anymore. Less tech-savvy Mainers however, could easily fall for it.

The Buxton Police Department posted a photo of the package and the disc. It was clear the sender was mailing it to someone random as it was addressed to "A Friend." Buxton Police recommend if you or anyone you know receives one of these packages to dispose of the disc immediately and do not put it in your computer. Doing so could infect your computer with a computer virus that can do anything from erasing important files to stealing your personal information.

Buxton Police say they haven't received any calls from anyone else in the area receiving a similar package, but wanted to warn anyone that does to be sure to dispose of it immediately.

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