For the past few nights, we've heard something outside our house so loud, we could hear it with the windows closed.

It was so loud that I went out on the front porch and pointed my camera in the direction it was coming from to try to capture it. You'll want to turn your volume up when you listen. It didn't come out nearly as loud in the video as it was in person.

What you can't see here in the dark is the woods on the other side of the house. In those woods is a pretty decent sized pool of water.

We've had ducks land in it, and at first that's what I thought this was, but there are way too many of whatever they are to be ducks, especially at night.

My guess is that it might be some type of frog. A whole bunch of them. They certainly aren't your typical peepers that you hear on a warm summer night. These sound much bigger.

During the day, I see nothing in the water, but at night it's crazy loud.

Any idea if what I guessed is right? If so, what kind of frog is it? If not a frog, what the hell could be possibly making that noise? Enquiring minds want to know.

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