My son Jake gave this bag yesterday and I immediately knew what was inside it. Do you?

Blast From the Past Bag

The logo should be your first hint.

The shimmer of the bag should be your second.

Got it yet?

No? You must not be a Back to the Future fan then...

Grays Sports Alamanac

It's a replica of the Grays Sports Almanac that was a major plot point in Back to the Future Part II. So cool!

Grays Sports Alamanac Back

My son got it in one of those subscription boxes where they send you all kinds of geeky stuff every month. For some reason he happened to have two, so he gave me the extra one.

Inside it's just a notebook. No sports results. Marty traveled to 2015 and bought the almanac to use it to bet on sporting events knowing he couldn't loose. Even if there were results, they'd be outdated today and I couldn't win a thing.

Inside Alamanac

In the corner though is one thing reminding you that this is a Back to the Future notebook/almanac...the flux capacitor that made time travel possible in the DeLorean.

Flux Capacitor

I also notice a little hidden nod to the movie on the back. Check out the bar-code. Do you get it?

Almanac Bar Code

10212015 1985

10-21-2015 is the date Doc and Marty travel to from 1985. Clever.

Here's the key scene with the almanac that changes everything for Marty


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