Two sightings of bobcats in Maine have gone viral on social media in the past two days. After we showed you a photo of a bobcat in the backyard of home in Windham, we came across a video of a bobcat in Bucksport.

Hancock Country Sheriff's Deputy Ernie Fitch captured a video of a bobcat walking on railroad tracks near the Riverside Cemetery in Bucksport. When we say walking on railroad tracks, we mean it literally. Watch as he chose to walk on the smooth rail rather than the hard surface of the ballast below.


Deputy Fitch got a very quick glimpse of him up close as the big cat slinked past his vehicle.


It's unusual to see bobcats in the wild According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, but with these two sightings in two days it seems that bobcats continue to turn up in more and more suburban areas.

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