Celeb Chef Takes on Back Bay Boston

The iconic kitchen slayer has made his way to Boston with his first-ever Ramsay’s Kitchen.

Celebrity chef and professional insulter, Gordon Ramsey, opened his brand new restaurant in the Back Bay neighborhood just this week on Monday, Jan. 24.

The five-star restaurant is nestled right inside the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Boston, which I’m slightly salty about. I was supposed to work at that very hotel and it didn’t end up working out but that’s a whole other story for a whole other day.

New England Local Fare

Ramsay’s Kitchen will boast a mix of Ramsay classics and local fare with dishes like Filet Mignon, Bouillabaisse, and Beef Wellington.

To bring it to the local level, the Boston eatery has two types of lobster rolls: Maine-style and Connecticut-style.

Do you know the difference?

The Maine-style lobster roll is made with chilled lobster salad while the Connecticut-style is made with warm butter-poached lobster.

You learn something new every day.

According to an article by WCVB, the celeb chef started brainstorming and putting together the menu right from his own home during the start of the pandemic. The menu is inspired not only by local fare but also by meals he would serve in his home.

The restaurant’s website shares this quote:

“I absolutely love the energy of Boston and consider it a premier dining destination in the country. This will be my first ever Ramsay’s Kitchen and I couldn’t be more excited to open it inside the Mandarin Oriental, in the heart of Boston’s vibrant Back Bay neighborhood…”

This is Ramsay’s first-ever Ramsay’s Kitchen location in the United States and we are honored for New England to be the culinary choice and for it to be just a short drive from Maine.

Don’t tell my boss but I did serve at fancy shmancy restaurants prior to this writing gig, so maybe it’s time to retire the laptop and throw the apron back on. I could just go get yelled at for a living, almost like getting paid to live with my dad.

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