Alright, so "perfect" might be a bit of an exaggeration... but it worked for our DIY Red Sox parade today at noon up and down Commercial Street! No, there were no Sox players present (they didn't return our calls...) but Mayor Ethan Strimling was there, along with our very own duck boat and a bunch of candy thrown out to the random passerby who happened upon our route!

Rain or shine people... we donned those ponchos and hit the street to with our World Series trophy, playing great music and showing our love for the Red Sox!

Townsquare Media

The trophy itself was crafted by yours truly, using cardboard and layered foam to create the base, which was then coated with extra neoprene from my Halloween costume and spray painted silver. For the flag, I painted a bunch of wooden dowels gold and stapled some gold paper triangles to the top of each one. Finished with Sharpie for the trophy title, and voila! The trophy is complete. Here's to many more success by our Boston Red Sox!

Can you even tell a difference between Mookie and me?!

Townsquare Media, Getty