We all have something we like to collect. Some people collect old coins, some like to keep assorted buttons. For me it's hot sauces. I don't try them, I don't even open them, but I collect 'em. Not actively though, if I see a hot sauce bottle with a funny or cool label I'll probably buy it and add it to my collection.

For those who like to collect old postcards, this is the weekend for you! Believe it or not there is an antique post card sale happening this weekend at the Fireside Inn at 81 Riverside Drive in Portland from 8:30am to 3:00pm. ($4.00, kids under 12 get in free.)

This antique postcard sale will have vintage postcards and printed ephemera from several New England dealers. There will even be appraisers on hand in the afternoon if you happen to have or see a postcard (or cards) that you're interested in.

For more information about this event call the Fireside Inn at 207.797.1717



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