The recent snow storm blanketed Maine with tons of snow. Many of us and our kiddo's, mind included, enjoyed playing in this fluffy mess. Not only did our children and friends take part in the snow storm, but our beloved Maine animals did as well!

Photographer, Dave Dostie was able to visit Blazing Star Stables, in Monmouth and take the most majestic photos of their incredible horses. You can tell just by the photos how happy these animals were running and playing in Maine's winter storm.

Dave Dostie Photography
Dave Dostie Photography

Blazing Star Stables is at 185 Academy Road East Monmouth. According to their Facebook, they are a "natural horsemanship facility that offers lessons from the ground up." The animals in the photos are rescue animals.

It's such an uplifting sight to see these animals frolicking and happy all because of these amazing folks who work at Blazing Star Stables!

Because of their coats, horses are warm in the snow and seems like these horses are absolutely loving this snow storm!

Dave posted all of these remarkable photographs on Facebook with the following caption,

I mentioned I wanted to photograph horses in the heavy falling snow today; well I did! These creatures and gentle giants are just so phenomenal. More amazing, these are all rescue horses now in a loving, caring, forever home at Blazing Star Stables in Monmouth

Check out the gallery below of the Blazing Star Stables rescue horses frolicking in the snow with their owners!

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