The USS Michael Monsoor is a multi-mission surface combatant tailored for advanced land attack and littoral dominance. Basically, it's an ass kicking floating machine with stealth capabilities. The ship will is 600 feet in length, has a crew size of 148 officers and sailors, and speeds up to 30 knots.

By, Public Domain,

She was named after Master At Arms Second Class Michael A. Monsoor, a US Navy Seal who was killed during the Iraq War when an insurgent threw a grenade on the rooftop where Michael and several other Seals were positioned. Without hesitation, Michael threw his body on top of the grenade to absorb the explosion saving the lives of the men around him. He died about 30 minutes later as a result of his injuries. For his heroism, Michael was posthumously awarded the Medal Of Honor.

The ship was docked in Portland Harbor last week and the Facebook page Sky High Maine snapped some beautiful pics. These photos are available for purchase as well.

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