We get it. You hate Tom Brady and his winning ways. You're tired of hearing Brady this and Brady that. You love it when the Patriots lose a game, in fact you're rooting for what ever team the Patriots are playing that week. The only thing that makes you happy is when Brady gets sacked.

Listen, we understand. If Brady wasn't the Quarterback for the New England Patriots we'd probably hate him too. He's just too damn good. I mean 9 Super Bowl appearances, 6 titles, 4 time Super Bowl MVP. He's 41 years old and shows no signs of slowing down. The man has taken multiple pay cuts just to help the team win. Not to mention his loyalty to Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. He wants to play his entire career in New England and it's looking like he's going to do just that so there's absolutely no chance you're team will get him.

So we don't blame you for being so salty towards Tom and the boys. It's the main reason we just smile when something like this comes along..the YouTube page The Adley Show made an anti Brady parody song before the Super Bowl begging Tom to retire. I mean, the Patriots are kind of holding the NFL hostage.

This song is set to the tune "Meant To Be" by BeBe Rhexa and Florida Georgia Line. It's called Brady Leave. And as you can see by the comments on the page, not one Patriots fan is hurt by this song. Probably because Brady now has 6 rings.


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