Picking the best pizza place is impossible. How does a website decide what the best pizza in every state is? There are too many variations of pizza to call one place the best. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the gourmet pizzas, I like the traditional pizza with the usual toppings.

When the website uproxx.com compiled their list they weren't looking for just the toppings or taste of the pizza, they also took in to consideration places that excel at offering a wholly unique and delicious pizza experience that feels quintessential to its state.


Obviously we've never heard of most of the places on this list, but we certainly are familiar with the one they chose from Maine.

Once again Otto makes it on another national best pizza list. Thrillist.com has already called Otto's "One of the best pizza places in America" in their list compiled some time ago.

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According to Uproxx.com, "Otto Pizza in Portland kills the pizza game. Their deep menu, friendly atmosphere, and pizza parlor vibes make this place shine. Otto feels like a place you could post up in for a long spell. The pies are a nice balance between classic American styles and innovative recipes that’ll inspire you to seek a wider pizza world."