Do you sleep with your bedroom door open? If so, you may want to think about closing it after a fire in South Portland dramatically proved how it can save your life and your home.

A fire at a home on MacArthur Circle East in South Portland could have been a total loss and possibly caused loss of lives, if not for the fact that a bedroom door was closed.

According to a Facebook post on the South Portland Fire Department page, the closed bedroom door kept the fire isolated to one room and prevented it from spreading quickly causing more damage. South Portland Firefighters were quickly able to put the fire out containing it to the one room. As you can see in these photos they shared, the rest of the house seemed untouched.

According to News Center Maine, no one was home at the time of the fire, but they had closed all the bedroom doors, so when the fire broke out it was contained to the one room long enough for firefighters to arrive and put the fire out.

Closing your bedroom door at night can save your life as well. If a fire breaks out elsewhere in your home in the middle to the night, it buys you extra time to escape out the bedroom window.

Good advice that I had never even thought about. From now on, our bedroom doors will be closed at night and when we leave the house.


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