I was reading an article earlier today that said that the average person surveyed would spend $305.27 for one normal pre-COVID day and I gotta say, I would DEFINITELY pay that.

One day where the word COVID-19 didn't exist. One day where we forgot about the masks, the lockdowns, quarantines, and curfews. One day that would have been like any other day before 2020.

I'd start the day by having lunch with my family. All around the table. You know, BREATHING ON EACH OTHER, and not a care in the world except who would pass the butter.

Then I'd head home to prepare for a night out with my girls. Pre-game some drinks at my favorite speakeasy, Lincolns, grab dinner at Gritty's, then head across the street for a night of dancing at Bull Feeny's with Hello Newman playing. It seems crazy now to think back to how crowded that room was. How packed in we were. Strangers in my space just dancing and having a good time.

How quickly we took all of those things for granted.

So what would you do with a pre-COVID day? Let us know via the "Message Us" section on the app!

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