Hi, 2020 Brittany,

It's Brittany from the future. I know you've been hearing about the coronavirus. It's been mostly out of sight and out of mind as it's mostly been in China. A few cases are in the states but here's the thing, I know you're confident it'll blow over. That it'll be like swine flu. Sure, it'll have a presence but it'll be one of those things that you see on the news but that'll be the extent of it.

You're wrong. And to be honest, I'm tearing up writing that.

This is your last week of normalcy.

This Friday you'll go to State Theater and see Skillet. In a twist of irony the first band you ever saw headline will be your last for quite some time.

Saturday you'll be out dancing with the girls for the last time until, well, I'm still not sure. Beginning on Monday everything will change.

I know you just moved. I know you just started your dream job at the beginning of the year. I know how much you were looking forward to celebrating your 30th birthday with your favorite people, at your favorite place, with your favorite local band. I know you bought a pretty pink and black dress for the occasion.

You'll get to wear it, at home, while having a virtual dance party with friends.

I know how excited you are to live closer to your favorite venues. To spend every weekend dancing and go to as many concerts as you can afford.

Forget those plans.

Everything social will be on pause. There are friends you'll go months without seeing. Even the whole year.

You'll have to wear a mask in the common areas at work. Outside. In the store. For some time you'll have to wait in line to get into Walmart and other stores. You'll only be allowed to walk in one direction down the aisles. Toilet paper will be difficult to find. As well as non-perishables. You'll be told to have 2 weeks of food stockpiled, just in case you have to quarantine.

Speaking of quarantine, there will be a time you'll have to quarantine after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully they recovered and you tested negative.

There is some good news though. There is now a vaccine. You'll be able to get yours by the summer.

You have family members who are already vaccinated and the CDC announced today that you can be around them without a mask and without social distancing.

I won't lie to you. This year is going to be difficult. The rose-colored glasses for 2020 will go dark after this weekend. Focus on the positives if you can. You will have your health. You will have your job. You will still have your loved ones. Many, many people will not be able to say the same. You're lucky.

Hang in there, buy some TP, and take care of yourself. And I promise you, once this is over, I'll celebrate enough for the both of us.

With love,
2021 Brittany

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