Out of the three of us on The Q Morning Show, there's really only one stand out chef and that's Lori. Jeff can't usually remember the last time he had a fresh vegetable and as for me? I'm somewhere in between.

Recently, since being stuck at home, Lori and her family has tried to get creative so they set up some baskets one night and pretended they were on an episode of Food Network's Chopped for dinner.

If you've never seen Chopped, it's a lot of fun. The show starts with 4 contestants, all professional chefs from around the country. They are given baskets with some really random ingredients and the chefs must create a dish that includes all of the items.

So on Tuesday Lori, Jeff, and I brought in random items from our kitchen. All we knew is that Lori was bringing in leftover easter ham. I had a couple of bell peppers laying around that I brought in, as well as eggs, and honey. I thought I was going easy on her.

Jeff, on the other hand, brought in a jar of Wickles, which, I hadn't heard of until that morning. They're basically a jalapeno pickle. Lori brought in the ham, as well as butter, cheese, and olives.

So, was Lori successful, or was the meal a big pile of nasty? Watch the video below and see all the fun had along the way in-studio.

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