Adam Moran brought his beard to Mister Bagel, and made this challenge look easy.

The Portland Press Herald said Adam Moran is the UK's top competitive eater. He's a skinny, very bearded man. He came across the pond last summer to take on the breakfast pizza challenge at Mister Bagel on Forest Avenue in Portland. The challenge is to finish an 18-inch, five-pound breakfast pizza with cream cheese, eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, and ham in 30 minutes or less. The thing is massive.

Mister Bagel Forest Ave Facebook
Mister Bagel Forest Ave Facebook

Complete the challenge, and you win a Mister Bagel T-shirt and $100 cash. Hmmm. That's $100 that would go straight to Tums for me. But I am not a competitive eater. Adam is a pro at competitive eating, and posts YouTube videos of his conquests with his channel, Beard Meats Food. His accent is killer, and no one at Mister Bagel that morning thought this little guy had it in him. The challenge was accomplished twice before. The fastest this mammoth pizza was downed was 24 minutes.

But that record was smashed! Adam handled this pizza like I would handle one slice of it. He finished in just 16 minutes and 8 seconds! And he had room for dessert. He's only 38 years old and goes around the U.K., Canada, and the United States with his big ol' beard, crushing food challenges.

As of this writing, almost two-and-a-half million people have watched this YouTube of Adam's stop in Portland, Maine. He says in the video that most people get tripped up by all the cream cheese on the pizza,

The main stumbling block here for most people might be the cream cheese. It’s mega-rich, and this amount of it might be too much for some. Fortunately for me, I love cream cheese. I could eat it out of the tub, I reckon.

Congrats to Adam and Tyler from our office. He happened to just walk into Mister Bagel when the madness was happening. He's the cute guy in the tank top with tattoos. If you hear a high-pitched goofy laugh, that's Tyler. He had a blast watching this insanity.

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