Last week I stumbled upon my 8th-grade yearbook from 2004. I flipped to the section I wrote about myself (Side-note: Gosh, I was obnoxious) and got a bit choked up when I got to my "favorites" section and saw that I listed none other than Q 97.9.

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I was such a huge fan of The Q Morning Show growing up and starting my day with Meredith, Jeff, and Lori. I remember thinking how awesome it was that they got to go to work every day and have fun. I wanted that. That feeling carried on through high school and college as I had talked myself out of pursuing radio as a job. I'd work job after job that I hated still thinking about the Morning Show and how they got paid to have fun.

16 years and a handful of chances taken later, here I am. I couldn't help but get a little choked up! I made little 14-year-old Brittany's dream come true. Not only do I work in radio, but at the station I grew up listening to that inspired me to want to work in radio. And if that weren't enough I work alongside Jeff and Lori. It was such a sweet moment to me that I wanted to share with them during the show.


And what sticks out? Not the full circle life moment, no, BUT MY APPARENT UNIBROW!

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Here's the thing, I've ALWAYS hated that photo because my bangs make it appear that I have a unibrow, or at the very least, uber thick eyebrows. Like, way to hone in on my childhood insecurity, guys! Thats what I get for being a fan?!

Seriously though, It was all in good fun and to get roasted by my childhood idols is honestly an honor, mostly because I get to roast them right back each and every morning.

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