The Return of The Yarmouth Clam Festival

The Yarmouth Clam Festival is one of Maine’s most beloved annual festivals. Thanks to COVID we’ve had a clam-shaped hole in our hearts for a couple of years. For 2022, however, it’s back in full force.

The event is going on now through Sunday the 17th. The legendary parade happens Friday at 6 pm and chairs are already lining the streets for the event. Saturday morning is the Kids’ Fun Run followed by the Pat’s Pizza Clam Festival Classic for the grown-ups.

After the athletes are done comes a whole lot of shucking.

Clam Shucking

Starting at 11 o’clock is the clam shucking spectacular. There will be professional and amateur heats and two-thirds of The Q Morning Show will be competing in the celebrity shucking competition among other local radio and TV broadcasters.

One problem, however.

While Lori has participated in many of these competitions and is the current co-champion from the 2019 contest, I have never shucked in my life.

Jenna Pursley
Jenna Pursley

Clam Shucking Lesson

Before you go and judge me I have eaten clams before but they were ready to go. Pre-shucked for my dining pleasure.

Thankfully Chelsie the Clam Czar (unofficial but should be official title) came in to help me out.

Lori got us a pound of clams, shucking knives, and gloves for my lesson.

Chelsie explained that going into the corner is my best bet and to make sure I scoop it out completely or else it won’t count on competition day.

See how it went below:

So if you happen to be at the Yarmouth Clam Festival Saturday morning, come support Lori and me and our attempt at clam superiority!

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