Yarmouth Clam Festival

Yarmouth Clam Festival
The 51st Annual Yarmouth Clam Festival is coming July 15th-17th! Lori will be back for the 'Clam Shucking' contest - but with a new partner. Who will it be?
Lori and Jeff Shuck Clams
Lori and I have participated for the last four years in the celebrity clam shucking contest at the Yarmouth Clam Festival. All four years, we've walked away losers. This year though, we were determined to change all that.
Our chairs had been set out five days earlier. We were set to watch the 49th Annual Yarmouth Clam Festival parade!
Beautiful Losers
Jeff and Lori predicted they would come in last at Saturday's Maine State Clam Shucking Contest at the Yarmouth Clam Festival and they were right. But they had a great time celebrating their impressive finish. If you don't believe me, check out the video: Either way, a tried and true Maine tradition was honored and proved to be a quintessential part of the three-day festival that included everythi