Weeks before the Yarmouth Clam Festival even gets going, chairs...hundreds of chairs are put on the sidewalk for the parade. 


We put ours out. 10 days in advance and we considered that 'late'. The crazy thing is that no one steals the chairs. I mean, some are nice LL Bean chairs. Nope, they line the streets for weeks...through rain, sun and possible robbers.


The Yarmouth Clam Festival has been around for 52 years and the parade is one of the best attended parades in Maine! It's because you can put your chairs out! Can you even imagine doing that in Boston?


And yes, Jeff and I will return for the 7th year as 'celebrity' clam shuckers. We have never won. Is this our year?

Clam Shucking at Yarmouth Clam Festival


I doubt it...but it's still super fun. I'll be there for the parade on Friday (because I set chairs out) and back on Saturday for the clam shucking! See you then!



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