Wanna shuck clams for fame and fortune? And the most important reason - to beat NewsCenter Maine!


You see Jeff and I have been shucking clams as a celebrity couple for years at the Yarmouth Clam Festival...except this year. He's out of town and so is Lou! I'm clam shucker-less! Unless that amazing clam shucker is you! It's THIS Saturday the 20th at 1030 am - you'll be done by 1130 am.

Michael Leonard

See that? That's Jeff and me holing up our 3rd place. That's the best we've ever done, And that smiling woman in the middle holding the FIRST PLACE MUG is Amanda Hill from NewsCenter Maine.

Amanda is ruthless..and good at shucking clams. So many years she has left bleeding as she holds the number one trophy. I try so hard...and yet...nothing. I think it's my partner. He's been slowing me down and with Jeff out of the way - I'm ready to hold first place!

Michael Leonard

Are you the person to get us to that amazing victory?  The Yarmouth Clam Festival will set you up with an official t-shirt, a PARKING PASS, and 25 clam bucks!

I need to know your clam shucking resume! Why are YOU the one to shuck like you've never shucked before? Do you have what it takes to get the number one fame AND a parking pass? That alone should get you buying a bucket of clams and practicing!

Let me know! Email me or Facebook me or call me - THIS IS OUR YEAR!