Today was our last day in-studio before Christmas so, of course, we had to celebrate with a gift exchange!

Lori, of course, had to wear her reindeer ugly Christmas sweater which jingled whenever she jiggled "the girls" which she, of course, had to do all throughout the day, I had on one of my ugly Christmas sweaters, and Jeff, well, Jeff was Jeff.

Truth is, through this whirlwind of a year, Jeff and Lori were the two people I spent the most time with this year. So I wanted to get each of them something special...that could also be used in-studio and I could potentially benefit from! (Hey, don't hate the player...)

Lori remembered something I had mentioned wanting months ago and had a bit of a struggle finding Jeff's perfect gift.

Jeff's gifts were great and again so very, Jeff.

Oh, and I also received a special box from Frito Lay! How freaking cool?

Check out all the Christmas shenanigans below.

The Q Morning Show will be off until after New Year's Day. Stay safe, stay healthy, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that jazz!

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