Okay, I'm not going to lie, I love people watching. If I'm lucky, I'll witness something hilarious. But there's also times like this, where I witness something less than hilarious, and actually get upset. It's hard to sometimes remember that I have my own morals that don't need to line up with others' morals in order to be correct (or incorrect, for that matter).

However, I'm thinking that most might agree with my morals here when I tell you that this lady (I'll keep her description anonymous), let her dog go number two right on the sidewalk outside of an establishment in downtown Portland, and didn't feel the need to clean it up because it was such a small pup. Honestly, I just made up that notion in my head. The small size of her dog and her poo may not have even been the reason she walked away from it.

I'll say this, and do NOT come after me for it. I'm just trying to see both sides here. While I understand that your pup is a five-pound teacup and her poop doesn't match the size of a 100 pound Pit Bull, that doesn't excuse you from doing the respectful thing and cleaning up after it, especially on property that you do not own. I just couldn't look past this one.

Anyways, I'll leave this story here and let the reader decipher whether this type of behavior is okay or not. I just knew I couldn't let this one go without some type of conversation.

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