Sure that seems clickbaity but that's exactly what happened.

I feel cursed when it comes to buying jeans. If I find some that fit great, I wash them and they shrink. So then I think I'm smart and buy jeans slightly too big and then they don't shrink. At least I can wear a belt, right?

Well the other day on The Q Morning Show, Lori was discussing how she could never get away with wearing skinny jeans which then led to us discussing how happy we are that the flare style is coming back.

Looking at me and Lori next to each other, we look much different, but we have discovered that we have not only the same size shoe but also the same size bra. (Poor Jeff is still traumatized from the morning we switched over the shoulder boulder holders.)

I then decided to bring in some flare jeans that I thought might fit her.

I kid you not, both pairs fit like a GLOVE.

This morning she wore them in and it was the buzz of the office. She looked damn good and you know what? She knew it too.

Enjoy my pants, Voornas. Your VoornASS looks far better in them than mine!

The Price Difference Between a Condo on Washington Ave in Portland, ME, and St. Louis, MO is Astounding

I found two condominiums. One in Portland. One in St. Louis. Both in their respective cities. Similar square footage. The major difference, of course, is the ever-important location, location, location. And, even with similar square footage, Portland has one bathroom up at St. Louis. Still, the price difference is massive. Portland comes in at a whopping $1,105,000. St. Louis? An easily digestible $110,000. That’s not a typo. 

Scroll until the end to see the breakdown of comparisons. 

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