2020, the year of the coronavirus. That's certainly not the best way to remember a year.

One thing's for sure, we're all looking for an outlet. An outlet for our frustrations from the virus canceling events and putting a huge damper on our social lives. An outlet for being cooped up for months on end. An outlet for losing a job, or having to work harder at a job. We're all in need of some catharsis.

So, we thought, how great would it be to beat the coronavirus with a stick?!

Enter, good ol' Amazon who were way ahead of the game already selling a coronavirus piñata, designed to look like the virus, but with cartoon eyes, and of course, a mask.

The Q Morning Show wants to bring catharsis to listeners so we put a call out to listeners, do you want to "beat" the coronavirus?

Jeff from Marden's in Auburn was all about it. Jeff has become a friend of the show after we went to his house for Reverse Trick-or-Treating and his wife thought it was so wonderful they ended up going "bowling" that night and now they have a baby on the way. (Who they pretty much has to name Lori, Jeff, or Brittany now.)

Safe, and socially distanced Lori and Brittany brought the Q Van and the virus [piñata] to Auburn and let Jeff go at it. Inside, finding candy, Dunkin' cards, Q masks, and more! Check out the video below!

Want to get in on it too? Enter here!

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