I don't know what to tell you. Dreams come true? Everything is achievable? You will probably have to answer the call of nature after reading this because that's what I did.

Yes, I just admitted that I may've lightly peed my pants.

Yesterday was better than the Super bowl. Even better than Janet's nip slip.

Okay, here's the deal. I am a co-host of a Morning show, right? Well, one of the reasons I decided to fight for this dream of mine is because of a certain delightful human being. I am not talking about a singer or actor that simply motivated me to recycle, this is way bigger than saving the planet.

This person, without knowing it, literally presented my possible future on a rainbow platter and said to me, in my mind, if you don't catch it, you'll drop it.

Little does she know I can drop it like its hot. I have made so many mistakes in my life, but this one particular dream of mine I was not going to screw up.

What I mean is, when I was younger I would listen to the radio. I wasn't confident in my looks and had a hard time being myself. Lori Voornas would talk on air and something would happen inside of me. I instantly felt lightness and overwhelming laughter. She boosted me, way better then the Covid booster.

She was relatable and I knew the same could be achieved for me. Pretty much, she is the reason I am on the radio. Fin.

I had the chance to meet her yesterday. I drove to Portland, drank way too much coffee on the way and didn't pull over to pee. I listened to Missy Elliot because she got me into beast mode.

I walked into One City Center where the Q studio's are located and the incredible Brittany opened the door. I explained to her that if I didn't go to the ladies, my bladder would explode all over their super nice carpet rug.

She showed me where the facilities were and as I opened the door, there she was. It was as simple as that. She was real. A real live, (shorter in person) human woman lady that I had looked up to for a long time.

Naturally I, "Mariah Carey whistle screamed" and probably scared her. She was so lovely and funny. We laughed a little, talked a little, I peed my pants a little  and she warned me that someone before her had violated the bathroom, so it smelled.

But I didn't care. Screw Cloud 9, I went straight Cloud 1 milli.

She showed me into the studios and we sat. The person that I knew I had already lived so many lifetimes with, was right in front of me.

I even took photos from her Facebook page and super-imposed my face in all of them to give her a sense of what are life could be like together. She wasn't aware of our past, but I think she felt it.

Exhibit A:

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

It was so easy to talk to her and she gave me one of my top 5 favorite compliments. She said with those blue-green eyes, "You are the right kind of weird." Can you believe it? After all of these years, I can be myself in an industry where woman get to be themselves.

Listen, the moral is, don't pee your pants too much in life because the cost of underwear would be outstanding, but also, it's never too late to do whatever the hell you want.

Live happy and be weird.

Here are a few pictures in a gallery I made of our experience together.

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