I'm not gonna lie, friends, I think it is cool as hell that Monte's Fine Foods is participating in Barstool Sport's One Bite Pizza Festival and representing Maine. If you know me, then you know I'm a huge advocate of Dave Portnoy, even if half the internet is divided over him.  He's helped hundreds (if not thousands) of small and local companies pick their businesses off the ground. He's donated thousands of dollars to animal shelters, and gave his beautiful rescue, Miss Peaches, the life she never had. He also keeps it very real and transparent, which is very hard to do these days on social media. So for that, he wins my utmost respect.

Remember when he came to Maine last summer and it seemed like he was trying a new pizza spot every day? Well, one of his favorites from that visit, Monte's Fine Foods in Portland (who he gave an outlandish score of 8.5 to), is now participating in the annual One Bite Pizza Festival. Here's the full review if you haven't checked it out yet:


Here's the full list of pizza places Portnoy's stopped at and reviewed in Maine and New Hampshire:

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